We all have a hidden craftsman inside us waiting to unleash at any given opportunity. If you have an artistic or crafty side to your personality as well, then you have landed yourself in the right place. In this article, you will get ample ideas to satiate your inner craftsman and also get to clean and organize your home.

DIY projects and home decor work hand in hand, which means that if you are a homemaker, you want to keep your home in an organized, clutter free state all the time, right? Well, I have the perfectcut vinyl to start with, vinyl. Polyvinyl chloride also known as PVC is a very common material used when it comes to crafting around the house.

Although this material is used in various other household works like flooring, plumbing, furnishing and outdoor decor, it is also great for DIY projects around the house. You can find vinyl in various types for all kinds of purposes around the house but the two main ones that you need to know today are permanent and removable.

Both these types of PVC can be used for crafts like signs, decals, decor and organizing purposes. Vinyl that we know today is the most versatile kind of plastic ever made by man. So if you may have some spare vinyl sheets left from other household works with the vinyl cutter blades or you want to be creative by starting some new projects, here are some awesome and super helpful ways to use it around the house.

1.Vinyl for Decorating Walls

Decorating a home is an on-going process, there is always room for improvement, always a nook or cranny that needs love and always some space that needs redecorating. Vinyl sheets can be an amazing option to bring some life to your walls, if you have left them untouched till now.

If you have kids in your home then you can use vinyl sheets to write a beautiful quote on their walls or you can go for a beautiful pattern like birds, butterflies, hearts, circles, stars or their favorite character to go on the wall. I also love framing vinyl sheets and getting them up on walls. They are far less expensive than painting but do the job efficiently and economically.

2.Labeling with Vinyl Decals

Decals are designs that are prepared on a special paper which allows a durable and fool-proof transfer on another solid surface like glass, wood, plastic or porcelain. In our case, vinyl is that special paper that allows you to write any kind of label or instruction or tag or stamp or description which you can then transfer on the desired surface.

Labeling or tagging is the number one way to get organized around the house. It teaches children how to stay in a systematic order and also helps in dealing with clutter. When it comes to vinyl labeling, the options around the house are literally unlimited! You can use these labels in kitchen, laundry room, garage, playroom, library, for parties, holidays and special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and so many more areas. You can easily get them cut in any shape, size or font with vinyl cutter blades.

3.Vinyl Sheets for some Newness

Another great way to use vinyl in a DIY project around the house is by lining your cupboards, shelves and even counter tops with it. As the options in patterns, prints, shades and graphics are so versatile you will find a perfect match to your taste very easily.

Go for the self adhesive options which makes you work that much more easier and quicker. These sheets are waterproof, are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor projects and can bear temperature up til 75C! With the help of vinyl cutter blades you can cut these sheets in any way you want and make a DIY project people will be in awe of.

4.Vinyl Puzzles for Toddlers

As mentioned earlier, vinyl is the most versatile plastic which means you can use it for a plethora of things and one of which is puzzles for toddlers, yes! Gone are the days of flash cards which get torn apart or get lost after sometime.

These vinyl puzzles are durable, more graphic, better quality and so much more eye-catching than the paper ones. You can make these to entertain the kids, teach them motor skills, improve their hand-eye coordination and so much more.

5.Personalized Utensils

As a homemaker, every woman wants to feel special, you can personalize your cutting board or your favorite pot or your apron with your name or special quote with these vinyl sheets.


DIY vinyl projects around the house are never-ending trust me. There are so many options and so much you can do that it is hard to squeeze that all in one piece. But these ideas can be a great jump start to your vinyl journey so let’s get craftsy!